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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

BOM - Aspiring Stars Sampler Quilt - DONE

  Hello Everyone 

I want to give you an update on my BOM -
block of the month - Aspiring Stars Sampler Quilt.
It's all done - YAY! I Love it! 💖

Here are some pictures...
Below is the quilt pattern - 
Under the Sea Feathers
This is the back of the quilt -
It's reversable.
Here it is on my bed...
This quilt came out absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!

 Hello Everyone 
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas 
and a Happy Healthy New Year ahead!

Here are a few projects I have done
or I am working on.
This is Santa's List I created for our 
big Santa Claus to hold. He is going through 
his naughty list...  LOL
 Below is the Block of the month 
Aspiring Stars Sampler Quilt
I want to share my progress. with you.
Here is the pattern I'm following...
 I am working on the piecing.
and the layout below...
I should have this done by end of March - I hope :-)

Below are a couple of blankets.
I added labels on the back of each one with the grandkids
names.  They love them - :-)
Also, a couple of teddy bear wash cloths
I also did some book pillows and a couple of
Halloween and Christmas pillows too.
Halloween pillow
Halloween pillow done - added the light.

another Halloween pillow below.....

Here is the Christmas pillow
I made for my granddaughter Penelope.
I had to make two. One for each grandchild.
Same for the Halloween one too.
I love making things for loved ones -
they are always cherished memories.

Thank you for stopping by...

Monday, July 24, 2023

Labor of Love


Tree Skirt

I want to share what I have been working on for a while...
Along with the BOM - Block of the Month I have been doing too.
It's been hard finding time to sew between work and watching my 
grandson. He's my little helper wink wink ;-)
This tree skirt has 45 blocks. 15 inner, 15 middle and 15 outer. 
The inner blocks are pretty easy and don't take too long to
embroider. The middle blocks take the longest, anywhere from two hours to
two and a half hours without any issues.  The outer block
takes about an hour to an hour and a half depending if you are
going to personalize.

Here is a picture of what it looks like so far...
The inner blocks are the stars, santa and 
the reindeer. The middle ones are with the houses.
Below is a picture of a couple outer blocks that you can 
personalize. (can't show you the ones I 
personalized just yet)
I love this Tree skirt 
It definitely is a labor of LOVE!

Below is my BOM - Block of the Month.
I have 9 blocks done so far. The next class is August 5th.
We are getting down to the last few blocks...
This is going to look like the quilt pattern below....

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Merry Christmas

 Hello Everyone,

I want to share a few Christmas projects I have been working on...
I started this Christmas quilt a couple of years ago. I just never
got around to finishing it.  Well a friend came over and saw it hanging in my sewing room and said "OMG - I love this!"  So, that made me get back into finishing it.
Here it is just hanging and fraying around the edges, waiting to be quilted and put together.
Now it's on the longarm and I am quilting it in hollyberries,
 just like the ones on the fabric.
It's all done and it came out beautiful. 
I gave it to my friend 😊 she loves it!
I also made this cute deer wall hanging
Over this past summer I went to a wedding and wanted 
to give the newlyweds something they can remember.
I made them a keepsake memory quilt.
Here are a few pictures...
I also received a couple of nice gifts too!
These are absolutely beautiful!!
I received this Christmas tree
serving tray a few days ago for Christmas.
OMG - It's BEAUTIFUL.  - Thank you George  - I love it 💗 
Also got a hummingbird suncatcher - Hummingbirds symbolize
that the spirit of a loved one is near and it also symbolizes challenging times are over and healing can begin.
These are two great gifts that I received for Christmas and I love them
both very much!!!  THANK YOU!!!💗💗


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Happy Holiday!


Hello Everyone, Happy Holidays!

 I know I haven’t posted
any projects since April…
I have been busy with work ~
and watching my grandson every now and then.
So it’s a little hard to get quilting done and post them too.
Here is what I have been working on since I last posted… 
The Dress – Penelope"s Dress!
I used all of my granddaughter's
baby clothes for the tutu skirt -
I love this quilt. It came out beautiful!
This is my precious little
lucky Penny! 
All I need to do is add the 
lace neckline and she is done!
I also did some embroidery
on a few jean jackets
for my grandkids.
This one below was for 
my little guy ~ Gio
He loves monster trucks...
This one below is for Penelope
She likes Mirabel from the movie
And this one below I did for 
Kalianna with butterflies
and her initial "K"...
 Below is a halloween pillow I
made that glows in the dark and
lights up too - Everyone loves them... I now have to make 
a few more of these.  
I will also be making Christmas ones too.
This is the pattern I followed from Kimberbell...
I quilted these with glow in the dark
thread & used the cobwebs quilt pattern.
Here it is all done!

~ I will be positng more soon! ~