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Friday, March 19, 2021

Book Pillows

Hello Everyone,

I'd never heard of a book pillow until a few months back when a friend asked if I could make one for her grandson.  I learn that a Reading Pillow or Pocket Pillow is a large pillow with pocket sewn into it, intended to be used for snuggling and reading. This pillow makes an excellent gift for kids of all ages!  Teens could use a cozy pillow to tuck their homework, magazines or laptops into. All you need to do is switch up the fabric from preschool to college dorm. 

Here are a couple of pillows I made for two beautiful little girls... Actually my great nieces. :-)

                     Here's a few other ones that I have made recently...

These are very easy to make and a lot of fun.
                                  You can be creative with the pocket.

Through the years - Memory Quilt

Hello Everyone,

It looks like the weather is changing...Yay!  Spring is here and the days are longer.  I want to share this quilt that I have been working on for a few  weeks.  This is a Journey through time quilt.  I made this for my older brother George and his wife Janet.  I couldn't post this earlier because it was a surprise... They had no idea :-)  - I have to say "I love doing memory quilts" they're a lot of fun.

Here are a few pictures of how it went together...

                  First you lay out your quilt blocks to be sewn together
This one above is where I am sandwiching the quilt together with the batting and the back - getting ready for quilting.
Here it is on the longarm - all quilted above.
                      Here it is off the longarm - squaring it up for binding. above.
Next is printing, cutting and laying out the pictures to be sewn on the quilt.
Once the pictures are on - you can create your label or labels.
                               Here it is all done - Front & Back - Below
                                               It came out beautiful
                                                                              Love it!