Saturday, November 11, 2017

A journey Through Time Wall Hanging -

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a very special memory wall hanging - 

This is a journey through time wall hanging made with shirts that Shawn Farley has worn to work everyday.  I made this special wall hanging for my very dear and special cousin Heidi.   Heidi and I are more like sisters than cousins.  We have some great memories growing up!  I always loved our family trips to Washington CT visiting the cousins :-) --  Great times & great memories!!

In this memory wall hanging every block has a story to tell with a special meaning behind each and everyone.

Shawn was very well loved and had many dear friends - He is truly missed by all! 

Here are a few pictures... 
This is the back - I put an angel on the label

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

Fall is:
Sweater weather
Crunchy leaves,
Pumpkin spice,
and everything nice!!
I had a chance to visit the 
Milk House Chocolates 
again this year in Goshen, CT  
If you haven't been - OMG
The chocolate is so rich and tasty!
This is the barn where the cows are kept
This is a baby calf
I have been working on a few quilt projects.
I will share them with you soon- hopefully this weekend.  

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Fall

Hello Friends,

I want to share a few little project I've been working on...
This one below is so freakin cute with the little elephants - I love it!

I quilted this with little rabbits, 
moons & stars... below you can see the
quilted rabbit -  
Here is a Christmas 
panel with horses - This one I am
giving to my cousin - she loves horses!
I need to hand sew the binding
on - then I'm done - Yay
I also embroidered a few hand towels
They came out pretty nice :-)

Here is a keepsake wedding quilt - 
I added a little gold sparkle to it 
I embroidered champagne glasses in 
the corner with heart bubbles.
Then I decided to made a wedding album to match...
Looks beautiful - came out really nice

That's all that I have for now...
I will try to post more often -

Till then...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baby Quilt

Hello Everyone,

I know I haven't been on in a while... I took some well needed time off, not that I haven't been quilting.  I have been doing a little quilting, but not much though.

Here are a few pictures of a baby quilt & pillow I just finished. I embroidered the baby's name on both the pillow & quilt.  I also quilted it with the same flower pattern in the quilt.  It came out real cute.  

I have a few more that I will share with you soon.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Journey Through Time

Hello Everyone,

A few friends and I decided to celebrate an old high school friend's life
We presented him with a memory quilt. It's a quilt of life with pictures of family and friends on it.  Every block has a story to tell with a special meaning behind each and every one. :-)

This is a journey through time memory quilt that I made for a very special friend!   

Here are a few pictures...

 This is the label on the back of the quilt
I put a few little angels to watch over...  ;-)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hello everyone,

This is the tea cup/mug reveal page...
I wass so excited to participate in Stephanie's 10th annual teacup and mug exchange from The Enchanting RoseThis is my second time participating and I have to say, it was just as much fun and exciting as the first! I love getting cute little gifts in the mail!  Not to mention, making new friends – now that’s the BEST! Thank you Stephanie for hosting a wonderful swap event!

Thank you Doniene from donienes365days2017.blogspot for the lovely package!  Everything was beautifully wrapped in yellow and gold material -fat quarters (Love it!) - Along with a beautiful handwritten card.

Here are a few pictures of the lovely gifts I received - 

The teacup is absolutely beautiful, it's Crownford Fine Bone China with gold flowers all around it.  Love it!!

I received so many wonderful gifts... At Home with Country Quilts Magazine, Spencer Museum Quilt Pattern, Fruit sampler tea, Black tea variety pack, Maxwell House Hazelnut Cafe Coffee, a bird pincushion and two other bird ornaments, along with a yellow and white hand towel. 

Thank you again Doniene for all the lovely gifts :-)  

I had the pleasure of sending my package to lovely Tilda from http://huckleberrystitches.blogspot.comI really enjoyed shopping for Tilda, as she is a quilter too.   

Here is what I sent Tilda...
A beautiful rose teacup with matching rose box, two hand towels I embroider
with her name on them, four scented candles, a little keepsake"spot of tea" ornament, three fat quarters of her favorite colors, a box of chamomile & lavender tea, nighty night relaxing tea, Bing cherry with almond tea, a little teapot spoon, two honey dipped spoons and a sunflower table runner and a homemade card.  

Thanks again Stephanie for such a wonderful swap event! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lancaster PA Quilt Show

Hello everyone,

It was four fun days with the quilt girls and quilters from across the US. We were at the  Lancaster PA quilt show, which featured the very latest in quilt making supplies, antique and new quilts, and quilt-related gifts. We also went to all the quilt shops around the area. I have never shopped so much from morning till night! We shopped on the way up and shopped on the way back.  This trip was very well organized and planned by Mary Kay from the Clamshell quilt guild.

If you have never been to the Amish Country, it is beautiful, and a must see! Our first night there, we ate at one of the Amish family homes…  OMG, the food was delicious! Everything homemade. I did buy their applesauce and strawberry preserves, along with the homemade peanut butter. 

Here are a few pictures of us quilt girls having fun shopping… (Shh don't tell the husbands)

We needed a little break in between 
This last picture is of the Old Country Store.  This is where we went on Friday night for midnight madness, and I won the raffle (yay). I won two layer cake packs and a $25 gift card - awesome! 

It is now official I belong to the AQS - American Quilter's Society. If you want to discover the latest in quilt related products then the AQS QuiltWeek at Lancaster is the ideal place. This show helps you get acquainted with the new technologies and latest techniques and designs that are on the market. They also offers the best deals in the industry. The exhibitors of the show will display their new products and art work right there in front of you.

Here are some pictures  I took of the Amish Country...  The farm lands
are gorgeous.  It's so peaceful and beautiful!  
We will be coming back next year!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day

The Irish Leprechaun Story

The Leprechaun is one of Ireland’s most famous characters from Irish folklore who have become renowned all over the world. The mischievous Leprechaun has captured the imagination of millions of people over the years and there are tales from some of how they’ve sighted these wee folk in the Irish countryside.

What is a Leprechaun?

The Leprechaun is part of Irish mythology and folklore that fall under the topic of the Faerie folk, also known as wee folk or the little people. They are members of the Tuatha Dé Danann who invaded Ireland and were banished to live under ground.
Standing 2-3 feet tall Leprechauns are a devious character who are quick witted, highly intelligent, and will do anything to evade capture from humans.
As a cousin of the Clurichaun, the Leprechaun is known to inhabit Ireland before the arrival of the Celts and can survive hundreds of years. Some consider Leprechauns to be the true natives of Ireland who are descended from Irish royalty.

Where do Leprechauns live?

The Leprechaun can only be found in Ireland, in rural areas away from the general population. Burrowed deep in underground caves with entrances hidden as rabbit holes or found in a hallow trunk of a Fairy tree they find safety away from humans who seek to capture them to be granted 3 wishes.
 The Leprechaun is well known for their love of Irish music and traditional dance. They’ll often hold Celi’s that can last for days. They are expert musicians when it comes to playing the tin whistle, the fiddle, Bodhrán, and even the Irish harp.
Catching one of the wee folk is no easy task and it’s often discouraged. They’re quick, smart, and have magically powers to vanish into thin-air but they can be caught. It’s believed that if you’re lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun he’ll grant you 3 wishes to be released but be careful, making the wrong wish could result in a life time of bad luck.
People do tell stories of their experiences in catching a Leprechaun and getting their 3 wishes granted but be cautious of such claims, people tend to tell fibs and how they’ve caught them.

What is a Fairy Tree?

A Fairy tree is usually a Hawthorn or an Ash tree but what makes them stand out from any other tree of its kind is their location. A Fairy tree is found standing by itself in the cneter of a field or on the side of the road and they’re quite easy to spot, if you know what you are looking for. Some of these trees have stones surrounding its base for protection but who put them there? The locals or the wee folk?
Have a lucky day!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Life gets in the way

Hello Friends

I know I don't post as often as I would like, but life gets in the way...
Here are a few things I have been working on... 

This is the block of the month - I really love the colors in this one.

 Below are a few table runners I made

 Here are a couple of hand towels I embroidered