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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pro-Stitcher & Free Motion

Hello friends,

Summer is coming to an end and I still don’t have my pro-stitcher working – UGH. Hopefully it will be fixed soon – fingers and toes crossed!  I really  don’t like free motion quilting because I am not that good at it…  That was the whole purpose of getting the pro-stitcher, so I didn’t have to do free motion quilting.  I must say, I am getting better at it :-)

Well it hasn't stopped me from quilting anyway...

Here are a few quilts/project I've been working on…

This one below is very special - I made this for one of the ladies at work.
Her dad had just passed away, and today was the funeral service - I asked for a few of her dad's shirts and she gave me his/her mom's favorite ones.  I also added a couple of pictures and did a little applique.

This is a quilted memory wall hanging.

This is my September - BOM (block of month)  
 This is a baby quilt that I am still working on...

Here is another quilt I made for a 
friend of mine - This one I did the free motion quilting on...
Came out pretty darn good!