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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sister Memory Quilt

Hello Everyone,

Wow, can you believe this weather...  It hasn't been much of a Spring outside of the rain.  It's been damp and a little on the cool side.  Well, I think we are finally going to get some nice weather this week. :-)

I want to share another quilt project I am starting...  A very special one. This is going to be a memory quilt.  I am making this one for my niece Tina - In loving memory of my Sister Donna.  Boy do I miss her!  She was my biggest fan when it came to making these quilts. Donna loved birds, humming birds were her favorite. So, when I found this quilt panel, I thought it was perfect!  Not exactly sure how I am going to lay this out yet.  But I do have the fabric :-) 

I am going to use the blue, gray and yellow which pulls the colors out of the panel and then add a little bit of orange to bring it all together, may in a boarder.