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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quilt for Sonia

Hello Friends,

I haven’t been feeling very well this past week, so I am a little behind on my post…  Feel better now and want to share the progress I made on the quilt I have been quilting for Sonia…

  Piecing it together

  Laying it out 
Quilting it on the longarm…

  Added memories…

  Added Label -
Now, I just need to bind it and it will 
be all done!  :-)


  1. So sorry that you have not been feeling good. I do hope you feel better! You made such a pretty quilt!
    I do hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you Julie - feeling much better now. I love checking out your blog to see where you are going and who you are meeting up with - :-)