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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Embroidery Class

Hello Friends,

I took the two day Anita Goodesign embroidery class last weekend. This was my first embroidery class. Although, I do know how to embroider a little by hand and by machine, it’s always fun to make new friends and learn different techniques…  Not to mention, shopping and getting the new software that’s on the market. 

Well, I did get the new software and traded in my old husqvarna viking topaz 20 for the New Baby Lock Destiny - OMG - this machine is amazing! I love it!  I will be doing a lot of quilting and embroidering.

Let me show you a couple of blocks we did from class...

Here is the Destiny at it's best...
The block below is the same one in the machine - (my new Destiny)
This is a confetti pinwheel - we put thread, tiny playing cards and cut-up material on it and then we sewn the netting over the top. Pretty cool :-)

 This is the back

Here are three projects we did...