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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Quilter Girls Club

Hi quilter friends,

I am now in a new club… “The Quilter Girls Club” and every month we all get together for dinner and we chat about what we are working on and what’s going on with our family, friends or whatever.  We really have a nice time together.  This month there was 12 of us ladies and we went to the Citrus restaurant in Milford.  We had our own private room so we were able to talk to each other comfortable, without talking over others.

We celebrate birthdays and I was surprised when they announced me because I didn’t know they even knew when mine was… It was also another women’s birthday too.  We both got very cute pot holders with a 'sexy dame' motif and our name embroidered on the front. These really are too cute to use!!  

We also do a raffle every month and whoever wins the raffle, then that person has to buy the gift for the next month.  It really is a lot of fun!

OK, so here are two small quilts that I have been working on - These
were made with a blue and white flowered jellyroll. I added the embroidered teacups and teapots on white fabric with blue thread. I did two different nine patch patterns...

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