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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

In Loving Memory of Susan Cobaugh

Hello Quilter Friends,

I know it’s been a while, as usual…  Not much quilting going on~

with the warmer weather it’s harder to stay in and quilt.


Us quilter girls finally got together a few weeks back

To remember one of our dearest quilter friend.

We all met in Simsbury for lunch

It was so nice to see everyone again.

 Lorry, (one of the girls) made each of us a

beautiful memory table runner… 

She is anamazing quilter!

We met here in Simbury because 

Susan's favorite quilt shop is 

Sew inspired 

Here are some photos of us and the

beautiful table runner... 

Quilter Girls 
Table runner on ladder
This is the picture label on the back 

In Loving Memory of Susan Cobaugh

Sue, although you are no longer here

Somehow you remain very near…

Your memories are treasured within our hearts.

We remember you with warmest thoughts~

You’re unforgettable…


We will always remember you with fond memories…

Like when we all went to Lancaster, PA Quilt Show

You were the one to bring us all together.

You were our go to quilter girl!

Every time we had an issue with quilting

We would always call on you!

You were one in a million, and you’ll always be~


Quilting is not the same without you!

You’re irreplaceable.

We’ll always treasure you…

for though you may be out of sight,

You will be forever in our hearts and mind.

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