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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Merry Christmas

 Hello Everyone,

I want to share a few Christmas projects I have been working on...
I started this Christmas quilt a couple of years ago. I just never
got around to finishing it.  Well a friend came over and saw it hanging in my sewing room and said "OMG - I love this!"  So, that made me get back into finishing it.
Here it is just hanging and fraying around the edges, waiting to be quilted and put together.
Now it's on the longarm and I am quilting it in hollyberries,
 just like the ones on the fabric.
It's all done and it came out beautiful. 
I gave it to my friend 😊 she loves it!
I also made this cute deer wall hanging
Over this past summer I went to a wedding and wanted 
to give the newlyweds something they can remember.
I made them a keepsake memory quilt.
Here are a few pictures...
I also received a couple of nice gifts too!
These are absolutely beautiful!!
I received this Christmas tree
serving tray a few days ago for Christmas.
OMG - It's BEAUTIFUL.  - Thank you George  - I love it 💗 
Also got a hummingbird suncatcher - Hummingbirds symbolize
that the spirit of a loved one is near and it also symbolizes challenging times are over and healing can begin.
These are two great gifts that I received for Christmas and I love them
both very much!!!  THANK YOU!!!💗💗


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