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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beginner Quilting Tips - "Sew" Many Possibilities in Quilting

There are “sew” many ways to make a quilt and or quilt it…
You can embroider your quilt by hand or by machine, you can do a block of the month, you can follow a quilt pattern, do a scrappy quilt, or you can do your own thing.  The possibilities are endless when quilting. 

If you are a beginner – just starting to quilt – here are a few things to keep in mind… 
By Craftsy

1.    Choose quilt patterns made with large pieces
a.   Quilt patterns made with larger pieces will go together more quickly than those with a lot of small pieces. They are also fewer seams to sew with quilts made from large pieces, which makes it easier to have an accurately pieced block and leaves less room for error.
2.   Choose quilt patterns that use squares and rectangles.
a.   Quilt patterns put together with square and rectangle pieces are easier to sew. Venture into the world of triangles, and you’ll suddenly have stretchy bias edges to contend with. So choose the easiest shapes to sew with — squares and rectangles — for your first pattern.
3.   Choose quilt patterns made with pre-cuts:
a.   Pre-cuts are ready cut and packaged fabrics cut into a variety of measurements and sizes. By choosing a quilt pattern based on one of these pre-cut fabric packs, you’ll save many hours cutting and preparing to sew your quilt. With pre-cut fabrics, a lot of the work is done for you and you start out with an extra measure of accuracy.
4.   Take beginner class
a.   By taking even one beginner class, you can learn the absolute basics of quilting and be well on your way to enjoying an amazing hobby. There are a lot of online tutorials that offers online quilting classes that are perfect for beginners (Craftsy is a good one). Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple combines beginner skills with quilts designed with pre-cut fabrics. Simple Fresh Quilts offers simplified techniques for traditional quilt block designs.
5.   Look for patterns that are labeled: “Novice or Beginner”

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