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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello my quilting friends,

I am not a happy quilter… I am feeling a little frustrated, having trouble with the tension on my longarm quilter – needed to pull out all the stitches on a quilt. I hate when this happens –you think you’re doing just fine, then you see the back of the quilt and it’s a mess.
Well I think I got it looking pretty good, but still not happy…  My tension is definitely off –Going to show one of my quilter friends a sample of my stitches to see what is going on.  (Ugh) I want to quilt!!!  It’s funny, they say that this happens to all quilters that are just starting out.  I thought I was good - when I did my first quilt on the longarm without any problems…  

Here it is, my very first quilt on the longarm quilting machine :-) Made this for a special little girl – My niece Autumn - the other one is for her little sister (Summer Ann)

Below is the second one I did, and had to pull the whole thing out - that took a few hours…  It came out pretty good!  All I need to do now, is sew the binding to the back and it's all done. Yay

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