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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hello my Friends

OK, everyone knows I love working on memory quilts, they are so irresistible. 

I have quite a few to do now...
When I work on memory quilts, I love to use flower and heart appliques, along with buttons and other little embellishments that give them a little more meaning. I think of the person I am making the quilt for and try to add their favorite little trinkets & treasures to create something that showcases them.  Adding buttons and applique for embellishments are a great way to do that. Example:  I usually put buttons in the center of flowers – the buttons I use can be  heart shaped for love or any other type of symbol that shows the theme I am using to pull the quilt together.  I’ll put locks and keys next to hearts (key to my heart type of thing).  I try to match the fabric material color/theme too – then I go from there.  It's so much fun creating these little memory quilts – especially when you know the person you are making it for... it makes it so much easier to create, not to mention it's so much fun and nice to see the finished product at the end.

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