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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oakdale Quilt Show

I am a little late with this post… But I have been very busy learning my new Pro Stitcher, which I absolutely love!  I have been doing the online classes from "Sew at Home" The online classes are very good.  If anyone needs to learn how to use their Pro Stitcher quilting machine... well then you should check out sewathomeclasses.com. The online classes are only $20.00.  There an hour long but they teach you everything you need to know within the first class.  Love it!!

OK, back to the original post...  Quilt Show
The girls (quilter girls) and I went to the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild at Oakdale Theater in Wallingford on August 1st.  There were quite a few quilts from our Close to Home quilter friends, which was very nice to see. The talent that these quilters have is beautiful. After the show we went to our friend Debbie’s house for lunch and some swimming.  What a nice refreshing time after walking around the show.  Thank you Debbie!
We all enjoyed it :-)

Here are some pictures of quilts that were at the show…

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