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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Stitching

Hello Friends,
Well it looks like summer is coming to an end!  Geez, where did it go?  It seems like it just got started, and now it’s almost over!  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the winter – at all!  OK, well there are a couple of good things about it…  I get to quilt more - you can get a lot done on those cold snowy days, and I seem to get my blog posts out on a weekly basis too. I think we're all a little busier with picnics, the beach, and hanging out with our friends in the summer.  I know I need to get some longarm quilting done too. I have been a little busy working on a few projects… But I know, with the cooler weather coming, I'll get a lot more done.

What I am working on now...

1.      A Jelly Roll – which I need to find some coordinating fabric for the  border, binding and backing.

2.     Olivia by Michele D’Amore –It’s the handkerchief quilt in Blue Cotton – I’m going to put some photos in the center of the blocks. This is going to make a nice gift… I have the pictures ready, just need to print and lay them out - after I finish the Hardwick's Flannel, which is below this one... 

3.     Hardwick’s Chick Flannel Quilt – This will also have memory photos on it – It’s really starting to look good too – Here is a peak...
 Fun, Fun, Fun 

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